A few quick thoughts on Trump

Will the decent GOP voters who thought he couldn’t be worse than “Crooked Hilary” re-think their position?

Donald Trump somehow managed to become the President of the United States at the beginning of this year having scraped an election by snapping up a host of working class swing states in the North East and Midwest (despite losing the popular vote). His opponent, Hilary Clinton, was constantly beset as an unpopular and uninspiring candidate radiating the image of a sinister establishment figure who could “not be trusted”. Thus, despite a campaign offset with enormous controversies and serious questions of suitability, Trump was able to claim the day through people who somehow felt he was the “least worst option”, whilst certain Democrat leaning groups failed to turn out in necessary enough numbers to get their candidate over the line.

Six months later, none of the narratives established by Trump’s campaign or his supporters really hold up to scrutiny any more. The very conceptualization that he could “not be worse than Hilary” or that Hilary was truly the “dangerous candidate” to America (in terms of foreign policy) could not look more stupid, or deceptive, in the light of what we have seen already. Alternatively, whilst Hilary failed to inspire many, the numerous warnings which came from her campaign that Trump was truly unfit for office in terms of competence, experience, integrity and leadership could not look more accurate (and I believe that perception is only going to increase as time goes by).

Thus the truth is now, whilst Clinton would not have been an inspirational or particularly loved President, she would not have been the incapable, reckless, dangerous and ridiculous mess we see now. She would not be threatening nuclear war over twitter, or dismissing all criticism of her as “FAKE NEWS” statistically once every thee days. She would not have invoked public outrage by appearing to apologise for the KKK and white supremacists, have withdrawn from the most comprehensive international treaty on climate change in Human history or openly alienated U.S allies around the world. At worst, Hilary would have been “normal”, a continuation of the status quo, but it seems that millions, so lost in disillusion, anger and apathy, forgot just how important a “normal Presidency” ought to be to them, all the way to the point of willingly surrendering that normality and reason for something that would turn out much worse.

Let’s face it, it was obvious as well, Trump is a Trojan horse to the Presidency, yet, I’d say it was still possibly the most poorly disguised and unconvincing Trojan Horse in American history. All empirical evidence, all arguments, all debate, pointed to the fact Trump was blatantly unfit, yet millions of Americans, blinded by their disillusionment and resentment, seemed to just stop caring. In the process, they took for granted everything a”business as usual” Presidency brings; safety, stability, normality. Now, American society is crying out for those things more than ever as the country spirals downwards on a dangerous path towards racialised conflict and disunity.

Thus, six months or so on, the obvious has finally dawned on all but the most extreme of his supporters.