About Me

Hailing from humble roots in Sunderland, North East England, I have an academic interest in the politics and affairs of East Asia, where I have primarily focused on China, North Korea & South Korea. Recently, I graduated from Oxford University’s China Studies Program. Previously, I have lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Australia. In my spare time, I enjoy football, movies, music and travel.

I love to experience new things, discover new places and meet new people. I try keep an open and objective view of the world, even if that means challenging conventional understandings of things or questioning myself. I believe through sincere effort, hard work and determination, we are always capable of overcoming challenges and disadvantages in life.


2017-2018: Oxford University, Chinese Studies Msc.

2015-2016: University of Hong Kong, Exchange Student (Social Sciences)

2013-2017: Durham University: Politics B.A Honours with Year Abroad (First Class)

Academic Focuses:

Chinese history, politics, law & foreign relations

Politics & foreign relations of North Korea

Practical Skills:

Marketing & Advertising, online & social media advertising, SEO. Business development, research, analysis. Writing skills: market writing, academic writing and reporting.


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