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Tom Fowdy comes from humble roots in Sunderland, North East England. He has an academic interest in the politics and affairs of East Asia, where he has primarily focused on China, North Korea & South Korea. He recently graduated from Oxford University’s China Studies Program. Previously, he has lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul and Australia. In his spare time, he enjoys football, movies, music and travel.

In his work Fowdy endeavors to keep an open and objective view of the world, even if that means challenging conventional understandings of things or questioning things people do not want to question. He believe through sincere effort, hard work and determination, we are always capable of overcoming challenges and disadvantages in life and discovering our true potential.


2017-2018: Oxford University, Chinese Studies Msc.

2015-2016: University of Hong Kong, Exchange Student (Social Sciences)

2013-2017: Durham University: Politics B.A Honours with Year Abroad (First Class)

Academic Focuses:

Chinese history, politics, law & foreign relations

Politics & foreign relations of North Korea

Practical Skills:

Marketing & Advertising, online & social media advertising, SEO. Business development, research, analysis. Writing skills: market writing, academic writing and reporting.


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  1. Great article on Huawei as are all your insightful honest articles on China, Mr Fowdy – a shining light in the western media !


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