My Reaction- An uncertain future, Trump’s victory as an embodiment of western decline.


In the year 1992, scholar Francis Fukuyama famously published a book he described “the end of history“. Writing in the context of American triumph in the Cold, War, he argued that western liberal supremacy and globalization had permanently triumphed and represented a new stage in the socio-cultural evolution of human beings. The world was to move towards a “global government” and that the days of conflict, power politics and geo-politics was now consigned to the ash heap of history. Liberalism was evolutionary, there would be no challengers.

Fukuyama’s remarkable shortsightedness embodied the assumption that “progress” manifested itself in the straight, singular line of a historical narrative. It professed erroneous beliefs about Human Nature, convinced that everybody would automatically accept the “fate” of the inevitable Utopian global future and that there could be no conflicting or alternate interests. To Francis, alternative conceptions of his idealized world were simply not possible. Not even 10 years after his book’s publication, the world stood stunned as militant Jihadists purposefully plowed civilian passenger jets into the World Trade Centre buildings in New York City; the world changed forever. Fukuyama’s dream was over before it even begun. Out there, some people willfully disagreed with the notion of an American led, liberal world, feeling disempowered even to the point of waging extreme violence against civilian populations.

Since that fateful day, such a vision of a “global future” has become more and more of a ill conceived dream than an inevitably of human history. The work embodied the normative thinking that has underpinned western political thought in the modern era, that liberal values are special, supreme, exceptional and unquestionable. Everyone wants globalized capitalism, everyone wants democracy, everyone wants human rights and anyone who dare disagrees is guilty of some kind of pathology of thought, often prescribed as “bigotry”, “ignorance” or worse, despotism and tyranny- It is so believed that Liberalism is the only educated way of thinking, its detractors, who have different ideas concerning nationality, gender, democracy, sexuality and political order are scarcely human.

This belief in Liberal supremacy however, was and is the pathology, a mutated deviation from what it was first conceived to be. John Stuart Mill envisioned Liberalism as a means of achieving progress, he sought most of all a scenario where people would be free to criticize one another’s ideas and thinking so that progress would assume a “Darwinist” survival of the fittest character. Yet, as liberalism came to dominate the global ideological sphere in the late 20th century, the ideology was elevated to a god like status whereby it became taboo to even question its undisputed supremacy or triumph. A globalized business, political, media and cosmopolitan elite assumed its guardianship, smearing, mocking and belittling its critics, whilst waging crusades against nations who sought to resist the Americanisation of their cultures, values and way of life.

However, Liberalism’s self perceived invincibility soon became the emperor’s new clothes, with nobody daring to highlight the cracks formulating in the western world. The global capitalist system worked exclusively in the interests of the wealthy, punishing the poor in their lost for continual profit. Concurrently, as globalization willfully eroded the culture and identity of nations, people became angry and disillusioned, a sealed cauldron continuing to boil. Yet, to question the Liberal God was a blasphemy of heretical proportions, the satisfied groups could only respond by dismissing the growing discontent as ignorance and bigotry, firmly convinced moral incentives could suppress the reality they could not accept.

Unwanted and unlistened to, part of a global economic system that was scarcely benefiting them, the blue collars of western nations have sought to vent their frustrations elsewhere, venting in outlets which in “normal times” would seem to transcend rationality. The accumulation has manifest in a British vote to withdraw from the European Union and the shock election of one of the most controversial, unqualified and bizarre Presidential candidates in American history. Why? Because the political, economic and social status quo have failed the masses. It is a broken system, a flawed system, only kept alive by the zeal and delusion of its own self-righteousness. Yet for making such rebellious and conscious choices for political change, the liberal intelligentsia have only sought to treat these people with more contempt, belittlement and an inability to understand their worldviews.

Now, there will be consequences and they won’t be by any stretch, good ones. Liberalism has failed and western civilization is broken, which is why it is making pathological, abnormal and destabilizing political decisions, driven by anger and bitterness than an opt for the common good. The cult of Liberalism has became a road block to the progress of human thought- senselessly defending a hopelessly divided, unequal and morally bankrupt society which is only convinced of its own personal, individualistic worth. It is moral virtue signalling of the worst and most insincere kind. Without a doubt, Donald Trump will not “make America Great Again”, bur rather we will witness how a society has effectively destroyed and will continue to destroy, itself. It is a brave and conscious act of rebellion by the American working classes, yet President Trump is not the solution to their problems.

You cannot erase societies problems by papering the cracks by simply accusing people of bigotry or racism for daring to think differently. This could have all been prevented.